This was a video I shot during a Fed Ex family day.  Special thanks to “The Fonz” and all the dancers!

Director and Editor: RYAN COOPER
Camera Operator: RYAN COOPER
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  1. Erin & Jose You 2 look great together! Love you guys! & the video is great I love it! Thank You

  2. Hey, did anyone else notice Howard Hughes walking by behind Erin & Jose about halfway through the video? He had a tan windbreaker, badge around his neck, one eye squinting: looked like Howard Hughes to me!

  3. What is so good about this video is that nothing was stage; every body was dress vintage and had smiles on their faces. To top everything Ryan managed to put in a 4 minutes video 4 hours of great time that we all shared. He synchronized it and blended it so well with a great tune that we all know and love “Another day in L.A”

    Katz and Kitten it surely was another great day to be in LA on June the 12th, 2010. Thanks Ryan and Laura to work on this video clip.

  4. This is one of the best swing videos I’ve seen – Ryan perfectly captured the giddy, bouncing, vintage, quirky character of lindy hop (love the faces!). The editing has its own musicality, with big moves perfectly synced to the big beats. And I love how multiple couples are cut together to dance one swingout. You highlight the craft of the dance – awesome!

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