Hi, I'm Ryan.  I'm a seasoned and award winning video director, artist and film editor.  Literally, I'm a one-stop shop for all things creative: a producer of digital content, that's proven himself to be an asset to any project, film, producer, director, or company.  I build videos from the ground up and I do it all, from shooting and editing, to motion graphics and animation.

Whether you're looking to spice up your company's video content, give vibrancy to your Youtube channel, add storytelling virtuosity to your film, or just plain ol' need great art, you've come to the right man.  I'm accepting new business all the time, so don't hesitate to contact me about your project today!


A varied and talented director, with experience in commercials, feature films, web shows, documentaries, and more.


A collection of my artwork and sketches from my digital sketchbook.


A versatile and smart film editor, whose talents towards storytelling can ratchet your production up to the next level.


Posters, key art, and design work ranging from DVD covers, brochures, and various pitch materials.


An artist and animator specializing in comedic timing, entertaining slight of hand, and bringing your art to life.


What's the news dude?


A 2003 graduate of the USC School of Cinema and Television, Ryan Cooper is a diverse director with a distinct vision and a talent for storytelling. With three years experience working at an advertising and graphic design firm, and working on such films as Spider-man 3 and Casino Royale, he's acquired an ability to weave story and business into a very pleasing package. He's won a variety of awards, such as Best Short Film for "Harry and Greta", and has shown his projects in over 20 film festivals and venues from all over the world, including COMICON and the Staples Center. Currently, Ryan works on various projects including music videos, commercials, and feature films for many of the industry's top professionals.